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I forgot what it was like to be the new kid.

I suppose I'll start my first post off with a lovely little story I wrote a few months back. The title of this is "Entities"

While the glass spiders cover everything in minuscule shards of their silk. The entities have returned and I try to speak but the words just kept drooling out of my mouth and drifting away only to stick my feet to the ground. Like some bond that I am held too. The entity seeming me in my predicament hands me a stick, out of which smoke and what seems like spirits pour out.

After being frightened and worried about the smoke I had begun to breath it in. As I breathed it in it flowed out of my pours, such as little volcanoes spewing forth the colorful mist. Again the entity summons me, then hands me a book. The entity will not speak and I am at a loss as to what to do with this book. He takes his long small pale arm and opens the book, the pages flip automatically and they change with the movements of my eyes. Finally I had to blink, and the pages had stopped. When I opened my eyes, there was a picture, a landscape of sorts, where there was a graveyard. The book started spinning in the air above my hand, and it was growing and twisting, manipulating the space around it. It starts stretching in all the directions of the compass points and all of a sudden engulfs my very being.

I am now in the graveyard that I had previously been looking at. I am suddenly aware that I am not alone, but yet very alone. The entity has teleported into my consciousness but yet remains outside of my body. I am undergoing two separate realities. One on the inside where I can only see my environment, I am aware that this is my subconscious that I have been suddenly aware of and that it has become my conscious. It changed frequently much as you would flip stations on a radio. The other which is taking place in on a normal plane, much as you would see when you are walking. You can see yourself and you a aware of yourself and your environment. But unlike the internal, where you can see the things that are not readily apparent, I am not aware of other spirits. The entity shows me two boxes, and set's them down.

I am suddenly aware that this entity is bringing me into the nether realm, and I am to start my physical death, but as my body starts to die, my soul leads to the wrong, to the left box. The box starts to enlarge and I being only but a soul seeks to find a way to get inside the box where I may be covered. I see multiple entrances into this box. Many resemble images that have been burned into my mind, and yet I am not sure what these images mean. I circle around the box, taking my sweet time with finding my entrance. As I am circling I notice that some images are morphing, and they are changing into things unpleasant, things that are grotesque, but hold their own beauty. The other entrances that are rose tinted and are pleasing to the eye start to decay, the once rose tint is now turning and resembles that of a bruised apple. I am quickly startled by this change of event and choose to make my way threw the unpleasant morphing object, convinced that the rose tinted symbols are hiding behind them. Determined to get through at any cost, I see small moths, fragile moths, made out of porcelain.

Somehow I am aware of the entity picking up the very box that I am in, and he seems to be rolling the box into his hands, the moths that were once fluttering about have smashed into various walls and have shattered into millions of pieces. They pieces that have fallen to the floor have started to liquefy, making small puddles on the walls of the twisting box. Aware that the liquid is growing and collecting into a larger mass. I become scared. This scenario proposes many problems, will there be enough life sustaining oxygen?, what about
the shear mass of this thing how much space will this object that is still growing take up? Many questions like this rush into my mind and keep coming till I am aware that I am having a panic attack of some sorts.

Again the entity shows himself in the creating mass, and holds up two cups. I take these cups out of his hands and take a drink of the one out of his left hand. It is red wine. I look into this cup, and watch as the liquid begins to smoke and twist and change colors. For some unknown reason I have dropped this cup and the liquid spills onto the floor, and begins to collect at my feet. I creeps up my legs and makes its way to my eyes. My vision goes black and I am aware of something entering into my eyes, I assume that it is the liquid that I had sipped. As the liquid enters my eyes it seems like the liquid has a mind of it’s own I am able to regain some of the sight that I had lost, and I can see things drowning in the liquid. But I am now aware of what they are. Again the entity appeared and hold out his hand and clenches his fist. All of the objects that were once there have disappeared.
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