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Quite a while ago, when I was in high school, I ran into this girl who carried with her a small 365 day calender. It was battered and obviously had been opened many times.
"That your planner?" I asked.
"This? No. It's my '365 Reasons to be Happy.'"
The girl had taken the little book and filled every square with some reason for her to be happy. Some of them were code words for memories. Some of them were things she just liked.

I thought that was a great idea, and I still remember flipping through it and asking her what a couple of them meant.

So, welcome to The Thinking Well; a place to cast pennies of memories or good thoughts onto other peoples' screens. This is a community to write stories, memories, lists, or just how your day went and why it didn't go altogether badly. Riddles, jokes, insights, etc. are all welcome. I hope you join and remember: This is not a place of right or wrong. If standing on your head while drinking grape juice made you deliriously happy this morning, do tell. Don't be afraid to talk about whatever positive thing you want to share. Sex drugs and alcohol are allowed. :)

1. I really think I only have one. All those quizzes that are so popular? I don't care if you post a link to a cool one, but please post all further results in the comments, NOT on the main page.

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I may be feeling pain
But still I feel
My heart breaks
But it will heal

I might be unhappy
But my smile I will wear
You do not matter to me
But still I'll try to care

I am far from perfect
But I am the only me
It may not be much
But it's all it can be

My world can't compare to heaven
But I am far from hell
Many things are wrong here
But still I am wishing well

My life is greatly flawed
But still I live!

- Thank you dstny